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As an American Quilter I cannot compete with the pricing of the mass produced imported quilts on the retail market today. These imports may look beautiful but looks can be deceiving. As the saying goes you get what you pay for..My quilts are handmade by me from premium materials with every attention paid to detail I was taught, by my Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors "If it isn't right rip it out" , Tthese women were very hard workers, they loved their God, their Families, their Country and the Art of Quilting. Today I use the same standards used by those who passed the Art of Quilting on to me.. The gift of a quilt, to yourself or someone you LOVE, can become a family heirloom if proper care is given. Handle each quilt with "TENDER LOVING CARE" never use an Automatic Washer or Dryer as these machines will cause severe damage to your beloved quilt, have your quilt professionally cleaned. I do not purchase fabric in bulk so each quilt is unique to itself. MJ Quilts also offers many services to you. CUSTOM QUILTS-MACHINE QUILTING-BINDING-REPAIRS