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HISTORY OF THE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET The history suggests that a friendship bracelet is given as a sign of friendship. It is intended to be tied on the wrist of a friend and worn continually as a symbol of lasting friendship. You can also select colors for a friendship bracelet that reflect the character traits of the intended recipient. Pink ~ Kind Red ~ Honest Orange ~ Energetic Yellow ~ Cheerful Green ~ Responsible Blue ~ Loyal Black ~ Strong Others also say that while the recipient is having the bracelet tied on their wrist by their friend to make a wish. Traditionally, the bracelet is meant to be kept on the wrist until it's worn and disintegrates naturally. At that time the wish is supposed to come true. Today friendship bracelets seem to be appearing on the wrists of everyone from children to adults. ABOUT MY WORK Each of my bracelets are made with high quality embroidery floss thread. I use a technique some may know as macrame. This entails tying hundreds of tiny knots in a specific order to create a pattern. I put great time and effort into each of my bracelets. Depending on the difficulty of the pattern, it usually takes me anywhere between 1 to 4 hours to create a bracelet. I recently started adding clamps, clasps, and chains to some of my bracelets. I have found that not everyone would like to wear their bracelets the traditional way (tying it on). Therefore, by adding these materials to the bracelet, allows for easy removal of the bracelet if needed. ABOUT ME I have always had a passion for creating handmade crafts. As a child I would sit in awe while my mother created handmade floral wreaths for craft shows. One Christmas I remember Santa bringing me a book with tutorials on how to create friendship bracelets. I was so excited! I started making friendship bracelets for all my close friends in school. As time passed, I started finding more new and exciting bracelet patterns on different websites. I even started to create my own patterns. However, as I created each bracelet I would store it away in a plastic container.​ That container started to fill very quickly. I became frustrated because I did not want my hard work to sit in a container, I wanted to find a way to be able to share my work with others. This is how my handmade business was born. In early December 2012, I decided to open a shop on Etsy. From there, my business took off. I am constantly learning how to do another trick or fun pattern for the bracelets. When I first opened in December 2012, I considered my shop a hobby still. I never did the research, learned any skills on how to run a small business, marketing or anything else. I made a total of 22 sales between the time I opened up shop to around 2013 holiday season. Since I have become more serious about my Etsy shop (I even have an EIN), land earned the basics of small business management, I see a huge change. I spent days learning, reading, researching, comparing, testing, designing, looking at my competitors, finding my unique ideas and planning what to do with my business.  CUSTOM AND BULK ORDERS: If you are looking for something specific, please don't hesitate to ask. I will be more than happy to take any specific personalized custom order requests. If you are looking to buy a large quantity of bracelets, please send me a message and we can work something out. Prices and the amount of ti me required to fulfill an order varies by quantity needed and bracelet pattern type. While some bracelets may only take a half hour, others can take up to 4 - 6 hours per bracelet. If you need something by a certain date, please allow me a good substantial amount of time to create your order. Finally be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for fan only deals and coupons. ♥ Jenn ♥